Ham and Swiss Strata.

Make this. It is damn good.

4 cooked small potatoes,  cut in half
1/2 onion, diced
salt and pepper

Boil potatoes and onions until cooked through. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Cooking oil as needed
3 or 4 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1/4 cup of fresh dill fronds
1/2 cup chard or kale, torn into pieces
1/2 cup shaved black forest ham
3 slices swiss cheese
3 slices bread, buttered on one side

1 egg beaten with 2 Tbsp milk

Hemp hearts and more dill!

Heat up a heavy bottomed pan (that has a tight fitting lid) over medium high heat. Lightly grease the pan with oil. Add the cooked potatoes and onions. Put the lid on the pan. Let cook until hot and steamy.

Lift the lid. Scatter the tomatoes, greens, dill and ham on top of the potatoes. Add the ham here and there as well. Replace the lid. Leave it alone. Perhaps lightly wiggle the pan so that nothing sticks and burns but do not stir unless you really really feel you need to. After several minutes lift the lid and add the Swiss cheese slices to cover as much of the strata as possible. Top with a layer of sliced bread, buttered side down.

*I used gluten free sourdough 100% Buckwheat bread for this. It was pretty awesome. Cornbread would also work fairly well. If you can eat gluten then try to find a levain type bread to use here, or a dark pumpernickel. Try to use something with a rich deep flavor that will pair well with the ham and the Swiss.*

Put the lid back on the pan and let the strata steam for a few minutes. If you are adding the egg and milk wait a minute then quickly poor it over the bread and replace the lid. Once the egg cooks and/or the plain bread is nice a steamy remove the pan from the heat. Use a rubber spatula to gently ensure the strata is not stuck to the pan.

Invert a dinner plate on the pan and hold it firmly with your palm. Flip the pan and the plate together and hopefully the whole thing falls down in one perfect piece onto the plate. Scatter with hemp hearts and more dill.




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