While searching for uses for the extra tamarind concentrate I had in my fridge I came across this little jem. My diet these days is a little repetitive – meat protein, rice, root veggies….. I did not think I would ever get tired of salsa on everything but I am nearly there. Condiments are pretty important when you have a severely restricted diet. Don’t get bored, get creative. Work within the boundaries that keep you feeling good and don’t forget that there is still a lot of room for play. I am going to use this chutney as a sauce for some curried potatoes with peas and onions (think deconstructed samosa), as a glaze for chicken, to round out a rice based meal, and maybe even to enhance a quick broth soup (with my new favorite gluten free King Soba black rice ramen noodles). Food doesn’t have to be complicated, just tasty. It sure helps to have fun (homemade, additive free) condiments on hand. Enjoy.


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