Alright folks. I know I have been gone from this blog for a long while but I haven’t totally abandoned it. Being a mom and working full-time and keeping house is just about more than I can handle at the moment. The extra things in life seem to be slipping away. I was finally able to spend some time in my garden yesterday and managed to prepare three out of seven beds for the growing season. I am counting the one spit of garden that surrounds my patio as its own space. This WILL be the year that I finally tackle the bishops weed growing there and relocate those silly shrubs. This I do swear.

Well it is definitely nice enough to bring out the BBQ and get grilling. I would challenge anyone reading this blog to think way outside the box for this BBQ season. Yes, we all love hotdogs and hamburgers but is it so much to ask for some fun condiments or a switch up in the burger mix? Should we always only be presented with grilled steaks smothered in bbq sauce? This summer I would ask you all to take some time and really plan out a few quick and easy bbq menus that would totally thrill and surprise people. I will do my part and provide you with some recipes (coming soon) to round out your repertoire. Let me know if there is anything you currently make on your grill that you think is different or unique. Maybe I can post one of your recipes up here also. Some thoughts I am having right off the hop are:

1. Crazy burgers – lets garlic and cheese those patties up. Go for some blue cheese and spinach with a nice roasted garlic mayo as a spread. Your guests will be amazed! Or do something southwest-y will a chipotle aoili, smoked cheddar and roasted corn patty.

2. Switch up the condiments and sides – I am personally really tired of seeing the same coleslaw/pasta salad/potato salad trio at every BBQ I attend. Lets do something with fresh produce from the farmers market! Cucumber and dill salad, bean salad, curtido, panzanella, grilled focaccia with dip (so delicious. go to Elements: the restaurant for happy hour and eat this. yum. yum. yum.), new spreads, new condiments and fixings for your mains, make a chutney.

3. Let us take a page from the 60’s and do up a proper party theme. Down to the bevvies. Pick a country. Make their food and drinks into a bbq. Done. Gimme any country and I will tell you how to make this work. Go on. Try me.

4. STOP BEING AFRAID OF MEAT OTHER THAN PORK AND BEEF AND CHICKEN! Geeze. Really. Go for the crazy sausages at Deluca’s or the beautiful lamb chops you’ve been eyeing. Research or ask your butcher for the best way to marinate and cook that cheap cut of meat. Then find a way to do that on the grill.

5. Marinades and Cures. Make some. Try some. Love it. My most popular marinade for chicken at the moment is simple : lemon peel (taken off a lemon with a peeler), lotsa garlic, sprig of thyme, some parsley, smoked soy sauce (or regular), canola oil, salt, cracked pepper, thinly sliced onion. Gold.   

6. Enjoy this weather. Winter is coming.

Have a great summer everyone! I hope to be back soon with some follow-up BBQ lovin’. Taker easy!


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