I made an awesome pasta salad for a barbeque a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post a recipe for it since then. When I was younger the very thought of pasta salad kind of weirded me out. It didn’t change until after I graduated from Culinary Arts and was working full time at a french restaurant. The chef would make a pine nut, black olive and pesto pasta salad, usually on penne. No Mayo! It blew my mind. It was great. Since then the world of vinaigrette based ‘bound’ salads has completely opened up to me. I now enjoy bean salad, tabouleh, pasta salad, grain based salads (Cavena Nuda! Ya baby!), vegetable based salads, and so much more! 

Green Summer Pasta Salad

4 cups cooked pasta: penne, fusilli, or rotini

2 T sundried tomato pesto

1 cup cooked and shelled soy beans/edamame

1/4 cup feta

2 tbsp olive oil

chopped chives, parsley, basil to taste

salt and pepper to taste






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