Life is a little crazy lately. Since starting back to work full time I have noticed a certain lack of blogging time. I will try to make an effort to continue to post once a week at least, but I don’t have anything for you just yet. Which is sad because I have all these great new recipes to share! I had a barbeque at my place a few weeks ago and make an awesome pasta salad with edamame and tons of herbs from the garden. I have been developing a slew of sugar free baking recipes for work including fig and orange cake and a strawberry tart that rocked my socks. I also recently made a vegan somme borscht that was pretty darn good served with whole wheat and honey biscuits. I also have been intending to get some updates on the garden situation for my growing slowly page. My tomatoes are hilarious this year. I really should have staked them with proper stakes (as opposed to thin little flopsy bamboo ones) but I’m making it work, sort of. A few of the plants are over 6 feet tall and I plan on lopping the tops off of them as soon as possible to promote fruit development. My eggplants are flowering beautifully and I have a ton of little baby peppers on the grow. Yay container gardening! I’ll post pictures soon.
Sorry for the lapse in the blog department y’all. Hope you stick with me and have a little patience while I acclimatize to the new work situation. Cheers! Have a super day!


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