I just clicked on a random post off the main site of wordpress.com entitled “how to cut a perfect watermelon”. Basically it just described how to peel and dice a watermelon. Is this seriously something the general population needs a photo tutorial on? My mind is boggled. What has the world come to? Do most people REALLY buy so much prefabricated groceries that we have lost the ability to peel and cut fruit? There is something to be said for the 50’s era housewife and all the food knowledge we have lost since then. There was a time when mothers taught their daughters and fathers taught their sons how to feed a family, prepare food from scratch, and put together a meal and a menu. In only a few generations we have managed to almost completely disassociate from the collective food memory of our forefathers and mothers. We have lost so much. If I asked how many of you out consider opening a box of mix as the first step in baking a cake what kind of response would I get? Do you know how to braise meat? Did your parents show you how to properly cut up a whole chicken and how to use every part of it including the bones and skin?  I looked up a recipe for buttercream and 9/10 search results gave me recipes that included nothing but butter and icing sugar. What the heck world? Seriously!

If anyone really does need a series of photo tutorials on basics like cutting fruit let me know. I think we need to nip this thing in the bud.


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