I drove out to Altooooona for a funeral today. On the way there I saw a sign advertising rabbits and rabbit meat. On the way back I bought a bunny. A dead, shrink-wrapped, frozen, soon-to-be-delicious bunny. I’m pretty excited to practice my rabbit de-boning skills on the little fella. Which, for the record, is not very easy. But what to make with him after that? There are so many possibilities! I think I will probably braise the legs with some kind of wine based sauce…… maybe Chef Bernards ‘Italian style rabbit’ dish, and stuff, tie and roast the saddle. I don’t know. That’s pretty meh, basic, standard… ‘run of the mill’ as it were. I’m taking suggestions up until Saturday night. Then that bunny is gonna be cooked, real nicely, one way or another.

p.s. Rabbit de-boning tutorial coming soon.


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