To be totally honest with you I feel like crap. I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m sick of being sick and tired. The baby is sick and cranky and I’m just having a less than pleasant day. I feel all lumpy and out of shape from a long winter with not enough excercise. Every article of clothing I try on makes me look worse (of course). Nothing seems to be working out for me today.

So I decided to get started making papusa’s. You know what? The minute I put on my apron and tied it around my waist I just felt better. Just better! I don’t even care if the papusa’s don’t work! The baby is down for a sleep and I am going to cook something. So there Day. Take that!

(I will let you know if this papusa experiment turns out well or ends with some sort of complete mental collapse. It really could go either way.)


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